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The hotly anticipated Gulfstream model will bring a new level of ease to private jet travel when it enters service in 2022. Its performance during test flights was well received with flight times beating the previous record winner.

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Gulfstream G700 Performance 

The G700 wowed the industry with its record breaking flight time between two city pairs. 

On its first leg from Savannah to Doha the G700 flew 6,711 nm (12,428km) in 13:00:06, giving it an average speed of Mach 0.88. 

However, on the second leg of this city pair test flight from Doha to Paris, the new Gulfstream flew 2,953 nm (5,469km) in just 06:00:15, achieving an average speed of Mach 0.90. 

“These were the first international flights for the G700, and it performed exceptionally well, setting two new records in the process. We are excited to introduce the G700 in person to customers in the Middle East and Europe and are proud that we can do so [whilst] demonstrating our commitment to sustainability at the same time.”

Mark Burns, president at Gulfstream

Aside from the aircraft’s pedigree performance, the G700 offers a new level of comfort onboard. Galley configuration on the G700 will allow for up to five separate living areas with the option to include a passenger lounge, a master suite with shower as well as spaces to entertain or to conduct business presentations. 

Cabin room is the most spacious yet and galley configuration on the G700 will allow for up to five separate living areas. In-flight, owners will have the opportunity to benefit from a circadian lighting system to help beat jet lag, 10ft of counter space, a conference and dining area, a stateroom with full-height wardrobe and interior finishes of natural stone and a rich mix of high-end soft furnishings. For additional comfort, the G700 will come with its own dedicated crew area. 

The G700 has proven its speed and distance capabilities and even pre-launch is “receiving rave reviews with its impressive cabin size, quality and flexibility.” (Mark Burns, president at Gulfstream).

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