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BAS Jets is an aircraft sales company specialising in the sourcing of “off-market” business jets, helicopters and commercial aircraft.

We are an established aircraft sales and aviation consultancy business with the clear aim of bringing transparency to the sales and purchase process. Whether you are looking to sell or buy an aircraft, our team is ready to assist.

We are a locally based aircraft sales company with a global network of trusted partners who will assist in sourcing the right aircraft to meet your exact needs. All of our international clients benefit from our specialist knowledge of and access to off-market, non-advertised aircraft through our extensive global network.

Jet Comparison

Turbo Prop

Up to 8


  • Approx. 1,500 nm range
  • Up to 35,000 ft cruising altitude
  • 270 kts cruising speed
  • Lower purchase cost
  • Lower running costs
  • Short takeoff & landing distance
  • Good airport access

Light Jet

Up to 9


  • Approx. 1,800 nm range
  • Up to 45,000 ft cruising altitude
  • 540 kts cruising speed
  • Lower running costs
  • Small yet comfortable cabin
  • Good airport access

Mid-Size Jet

Up to 12


  • Approx. 4,200 nm range
  • Up to 51,000 ft cruising altitude
  • 550 kts cruising speed
  • High purchase cost
  • Intercontinental capability
  • Good charter platform
  • Good cabin size & features

Large Jet

Up to 16


  • Approx. 6,000 nm range
  • Up to 50,000 ft cruising altitude
  • 595 kts cruising speed
  • High purchase cost
  • Global capability
  • Highly desirable for commercial charter
  • Latest high-speed communications globally
  • Bedroom in the sky

Extra Large Jet

Over 16


  • Approx. 7,700 nm range
  • Up to 45,000 ft cruising altitude
  • Up to 610 kts cruising speed
  • High purchase cost
  • Global capability
  • Multiple interior options
  • Latest high-speed communications globally
  • Bedroom in the sky & shower options
Help me choose my next Jet

Global Business Jet Acquisition Consultancy

Business jet ownership brings flexibility, privacy, comfort, enhanced safety, and overall saves time making one’s life more enjoyable and rewarding. At BAS Jets, we focus on ensuring the purchasing journey is hassle-free, by providing expert personal support, ultimately saving time, and using years of experience to provide your required solution at the right cost.

Your journey will start with a meeting with one of our highly qualified private aviation consultants, to learn about your flying profile and personal needs and expectations, so that we find the right aircraft to fit your budget. Choosing the right aircraft will include visual and technical inspections, demonstration flights, potential refurbishment plans, basing considerations, selection of operator – the list is significant, and we will be with you to ensure everything is accounted for.

At BAS Jets, through our access to aircraft that have not yet reached the market, we will ensure you will receive the latest opportunities that meet your requirements. Our unique approach to sourcing off-market aircraft and controlling the acquisition ensures the best deals are offered to our clients before aircraft reach the open market, giving you exclusive access at the best possible price.


We have vast experience in providing corporate VIP, offshore, utility, or special mission helicopters.

Business Jets

We have direct access to all manufacturers to assist in new aircraft selection and obtain the best possible deal for our clients. Additionally, we have a constantly changing dossier of immediately available, off-market, pre-owned aircraft.

Commercial Aircraft

We have access to all Boeing and Airbus products at competitive prices.

Working with BAS Jets has been an absolute pleasure. I knew I was in trusted hands. Thanks again to the entire BAS team.

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