Private Aviation Company

BAS Jets offers its clients support in the sale or purchase of private jets, helicopters and commercial aircraft.

When working with our private aviation company you will have access to unique opportunities, as we focus on aircraft that have not yet reached the market. This approach to acquisition ensures the best deals are secured before anyone else knows that the aircraft is available.


Our team of well respected sales specialists have a strong reputation in the industry and through a network of global partners we will  find you the perfect aircraft that meets your exact requirements. We ensure that at every stage of the purchase process, you have a dedicated expert assisting and advising, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring your exacting requirements are met.


We use our in-depth knowledge and experience in selling aircraft to develop a bespoke strategy for you, that is honest, transparent and effective. We advise on everything from valuations, viewing locations, certification, inspections, legal and bespoke marketing to meet the client’s needs. With our global network of partners, we will promote your aircraft discretely and effectively.


Helicopters offer the huge flexibility when travelling, either as a commuting vehicle or a time saving machine.

They give you incredible access to remote destinations and are the ideal link from your fixed wing arrival point to your final destination be that an alpine hideaway or superyacht at sea.

Using our significant network to access off-market opportunities, we will maintain you and/or your company’s privacy by finding the best deal possible before it reaches the market.

Business Jets

At BAS Jets, we believe that selling your aircraft should be as straightforward and painless as possible and provide all the necessary legal and technical expertise to ensure the transaction completes as smoothly as possible.

Likewise when making a purchase, nothing is left to chance, we are there as your dedicated advisor with all the support necessary to ensure the experience is both straightforward and enjoyable.

This is why our team of sales representatives and marketing professionals are present every step of the way.

Commercial Aircraft

Through decades of experience and the strong relationships we have built with our partners, we can offer clients access to all areas of commercial aviation products.

Our aviation consultants have extensive knowledge on how to evaluate commercial aircraft, determining value based on hard data and technical expertise.

When selling or buying a commercial aircraft, our team will provide you with expert advice and up to date information about the marketplace.

Going the Extra Mile

Our private aviation company is dedicated to ensuring your sale or purchase journey is hassle free and efficient. Our team will work with you to ensure all bases are covered – from insurance and the best aviation legal services, to company ownership structure, financing and the right Escrow services – to guarantee your transaction is as positive an experience as possible.

  • Insurance
  • Company Ownership Structures
  • Financing
  • Legal
  • Escrow

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