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Today, Canada’s Bombardier is set to launch a renewed version of one of its best-selling corporate jets, the Challenger 350, with an updated interior. This launch comes at a time when more UHNW travelers are flying private due to the pandemic. This is the first update of the fan-favorite 350 since the model launched in 2014. The current Challenger 350 seats up to 10 passengers and lists for $26.7 million.

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While the virtual launch of this new model is today at 11:00 am (EDT), you can register here to attend, it is unclear when it would be available or how much it would cost, as Bombardier declined to comment ahead of the event. However, according to Reuters, “The revamped plane’s interior will borrow unspecified elements from the planemaker’s flagship Global 7500 ultra-long-range jet, and come with autothrottles, an automated power control system, said two sources who spoke anonymously to discuss the private matter.”

The world health situation has fuelled demand for corporate and private jet travel worldwide so much so that there is now a shortage of pre-owned business jets due to the demand from travelers to fly with fewer people and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

The Bombardier Challenger is the market leader in super-midsized business jets, bridging the space between small corporate planes and large-cabin aircraft.

The current Bombardier Challenger 350 business jet